We Want to See You Thrive!

Black Mountain, NC


Licensed Therapist in Black Mountain, NC

Anyone coping with sadness, traumatic events, or serious mental illnesses may benefit from a Black Mountain, NC, therapist. No two clients are alike, so our staff at Ann Gertano, LPC treats everyone with attention to individual details. We never offer a one-size-fits-all solution to a client’s individual concerns.

The goal of our experienced staff is to reduce both temporary and long-lasting suffering to the satisfaction of our client. In addition, good therapy helps clients to experience personal growth. We strive to exceed expectations in:

  • Cognitive therapy
  • Anger therapy
  • Depression therapy
  • Family and couples therapy
  • Home-based therapy for clients with special needs

No one should suffer alone when a Black Mountain, NC, therapist is available to help you with reasonable payment plans and a free initial consultation. We'll listen attentively and support you in your personal growth, so why not give Ann Gertano, LPC a call and find out how we can help?